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🚀 June 10, 2018 ♻ May 3, 2023reading 7 min reading

🧱 Frontend, Backend, DevSecOps 🚀 SaaS, PaaS, IaaS ⛓️ Blockchains 🤖 Bots, ML, IA 📲 mobile apps 🖥 Desktop 📺 Smart-Tvs

👨 Professional Resume

With more than 22 years of progressive experience in the technology field, I have worked in the development, training, management or leadership of multidisciplinary squads in software development and/or enterprise architectures for projects in different deployment models (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, Embedded), devices (mobile, desktop & smart TV), platforms (cloud & on-premises) and architectural layers (frontend, backend, integration & devsecops).

Through these years I have been able to combine technical skills and business acumen in project management, infrastructure, databases, deployment & monitoring to effectively & successfully develop more than 100 projects for national & international banks (Santander, Safra) or companies from different market segments such as Intel, Nestlé, Petrobras, Braskem, Nívea, Johnson & Johnson, TIM, HP, UOL, Sky, JVC, Marlboro, Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet, Grupo Pão de Açúcar, Adria, Gafisa, Casas Bahia, Lew´Lara, Schin Refrigerantes, Papaiz, Tv Cultura, Antarctica, Banda Nx Zero, Abyara and others, through enterprise consultancies like Accenture, Vector ITC (Softtek), Indra Minsait, advertising agencies or directly, always implementing best practices & market frameworks for software development, security and IT governance backed by Gartner. Ensuring a highly productive work environment, providing different evaluation reports, quality of deliveries, performance metrics, among others for Stakeholders. Providing technical support to teams, driving continuous improvement with feedback for the whole team & individually (1:1), directing them in studies and individual development to inspire them in their careers.

📖 Know How

Agile Mindset (+14yrs exp with Scrum & Kanban), with solid experience in software development using different Programming Languages [object-oriented (Solidity, Java, Scala, Ruby, Python, JavaScript), compiled & multiparadigm (Go, Rust, Actionscript)], Databases [SQL (MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL), NoSQL (MongoDB, DynamoDB, Couchbase), Graph (GraphQL), Key–Value (Redis, KeyDB), Memory (Memcached)] & ORMs (Prisma, TypeORM, Sequelize), SDKs (Cordova, Ionic, Flutter, React Native), Stream Platforms (Kafka, Red5, FMS), Message Brokers (RabbitMQ, SQS), Version Control Systems (GIT, SVN), Development & Deployment & Automation Servers (Vite, Nginx, Apache, Jenkins), Module Bundlers (Webpack, Gulp), Task Runners (Grunt), Frameworks (Spring, Angular, Nextjs), Code Quality & Security & Static Analysis Tools (SonarQube), Testing Frameworks (Cypress, Selenium, Protractor), Repository (Nexus, Artifactory) & Package (NPM, Maven, Gradle, Helm) & Vault (Istio Certificates) Managers, OS-level Virtualizers (Docker), Containers Orchestrators (Rancher, OpenShift, Kubernetes), Infrastructure Managements (Terraform), CICD Platforms (Circle CI, Travis CI, AWS CodePipeline, Azure DevOps), Cloud Platforms (Oracle OCI, AWS, Azure), Agil DevTools (Jira, Confluence), Observability Systems (OpenTelemetry, Splunk, Dynatrace, Logstash, Kibana) and ITSM Platforms (ServiceNow), guided by principles, patterns and concepts of Hexagonal / Clean Architecture with DDD, TDD, BDD, OOP, SOLID, CQRS, MFE, focused on improving the reliability of services by increasing their observability, driving the necessary architectural changes so they self-heal and reducing the overall work of operations teams.

⛓️ Web3 & Blockchains

Currently with 6 years of experience in developing systems integrated with Blockchains such as Bitcoin & Ethereum, I have consolidated technical knowledge and practice programming smart-contracts in Solidity since version ~0.4.x with full understanding of standards like ERC20, ERC721, ERC777, ERC1155, Decentralized Identifiers (DID), Verifiable Credentials (VCs), implementing Crosschain operations (Ethereum 2.0, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Optimism, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Fantom) with End-to-End Encryption (E2EE), using the best Web3 proxies & libraries (BitcoinJs, Ethereumjs, Web3js, Ethersjs, WalletConnect, Hardhat, Truffle, Foundry), Cryptography (Cipheriv, Hash, Secp256k1, ECC, RSA/DSA) and Web3 Infrastructures [RPC (Ankr, Pokt, Moralis), Storage (IPFS)].

♻ Continuous Improvement

In an so changeable ecosystem as the technological one, it is essential to establish a corporate culture based on continuous processes of learning and improvement. That's why I seek, day by day, to guide startups & organizations towards digital transformation, mainly (but not only) improving their human and technological capacities to adapt to the changes that the global markets demands.

🤝 Talent Retention

Managing, training and leading multi-disciplinary teams or technical squads over the last few years has allowed me to develop strategies, standards and models for Human Resources departaments to improve their hiring processes and especially talent retention, guinding then in the development of reports evaluation with performance metrics and quality of deliveries from squads to Stakeholders.

With experience throughout the development cycle, I guarantee a productive work environment, providing technical and motivational support, applying continuous improvement practices with feedback to the teams and one-on-one, assisting in the studies and individual development of employees. I believe that an organization's greatest asset is its human and technological potential, which driven by a culture based on cooperation and integration, promote a flexible and multidisciplinary environment, in which active leadership and continuous learning flow naturally through motivated professionals.

➕ About Me

Thought: The ignorant man affirms, the learned man doubts, the wise man reflects.


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